Non-contact high-precision intelligent human body temperature measurement


The outbreak of the new coronavirus and its high infectivity make the government and enterprises face the pressure of how to avoid the rapid spread of the virus, especially in densely populated cities and areas.

From its transmission channels, it is found that avoiding close contact between infected people and ordinary people is an important means to prevent infection.

In view of the fact that the body temperature of the infected person is higher than that of the normal person, we comprehensively apply thermal sensing imaging and intelligent analysis technology to develop and produce intelligent human body temperature measurement security detector (security gate), intelligent temperature measurement face recognition system and long-distance intelligent temperature measurement system, which can effectively screen febrile patients.

It realizes non-contact and rapid temperature screening, high temperature measurement accuracy, long-distance large number of screening, fast alarm response, continuous video recording and history tracing, flexible layout and control, efficient, safe and reliable.

It greatly saves the input of manpower and material resources, improves the inspection intensity and inspection efficiency, and is the "double insurance" to help the prevention and control of the epidemic situation.

The equipment is widely used in densely populated places such as schools, residential areas, hospitals, enterprise factories, supermarkets, passenger stations, airports and so on.

Intelligent human body temperature measurement security detector (security gate)

Compared with the traditional manual temperature measurement, the non-contact infrared temperature measurement security door is more simple and efficient, easy to configure, rapid early warning, more stable and reliable, which greatly reduces the security risk caused by personnel contact.

When the personnel pass through the security door, the LCD screen will quickly display the measured temperature and synchronously upload the platform for unified management, which meets the real-time requirements of data and facilitates rapid decision-making in emergencies.

When a person with abnormal fever in body temperature is detected, the equipment will automatically give an alarm to provide epidemic prevention security for the majority of enterprise employees to the maximum extent.

Intelligent temperature measurement face recognition system

AI face recognition accurate thermometer can easily solve the shortcomings of traditional temperature measurement that too many people are easy to miss detection and high-temperature objects are easy to misreport. AI face recognition without sensing temperature measurement is more intelligent and accurate.

Face temperature measurement channel, which combines thermal imaging accurate temperature measurement technology with visible light face recognition technology perfectly.

With face recognition, identity verification and body temperature detection as the core, it provides face recognition + body temperature measurement rapid verification for personnel entry and exit information management, health status, identity information and real-time registration.

Effectively improve the accuracy of personnel identity authentication, reduce the heavy process of manual inspection; non-contact security check, automatic measurement of pedestrian temperature, abnormal body temperature alarm, effectively avoid cross-infection and other events.

Long-distance human temperature measurement system

AI long-distance temperature measurement system is a non-contact body temperature detection mode, and it is the "first line of defense" for epidemic prevention in public places. It not only has the function of efficient non-contact body temperature screening, carries out long-distance and large area detection, but also can display and alarm in real time once abnormal body temperature is found, so as to reduce the risk of cross-infection.

The rapid and accurate realization of high-temperature personnel screening and non-contact long-distance temperature measurement greatly reduces the risk of infection of front-line staff and greatly improves the safety and detection efficiency of public space.


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