Smart parking lot gradually promotes automatic identification of license plates to facilitate vehicle access


Nowadays, car owners usually enter or leave the community or parking lot by swiping their cards. If they encounter rainy days, it is very inconvenient. Today, this dilemma may change completely. The fast and efficient automatic identification of license plates and smart parking lots are gradually being promoted in the city's property management industry.

According to the Municipal Property Management Industry Association, the most commonly used property management industry at present is the ordinary barrier system. Every time when the commute peaks or rainy days, the property company must send additional staff to deal with vehicles entering and leaving. If there is a more convenient and efficient road The use of the brake system will undoubtedly save management costs for the property company and facilitate the owner.

If you pass the intelligent parking lot, you do n’t need one more security at the entrance or exit, which is much more convenient for the owner.

In order to solve this problem, Anxunke independently developed a smart parking system that can automatically recognize the license plate. As long as the owner downloads the APP, he can freely enter and exit the parking lot.

After the brake is installed, the owners download the APP by themselves, it is very convenient when entering the brake, without having to swipe the card, the license plate can be automatically recognized.

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