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    Esd Flap Turnstile System QR Code Reader Wings Gate

    Esd Flap Turnstile System QR Code Reader Wings Gate

    The anti-static access control system is a system that combines the human body static comprehensive testing device, access control equipment and computerized management software to ensure that the operator is ready to statically ground the personnel when entering the electrostatic protection zone; The turnstile gate, flap barrier gate and swing barrier gate act as control devices for the flow channel. The system can provide an orderly and civilized way for the entry and exit personnel to prevent illegal entry and exit, and quickly control the passage in an emergency, and organize personnel to evacuate.

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  • Retractable Flap Barrier Gate Turnstiles

    Retractable Flap Barrier Gate Turnstiles

    1. Bright LED indicator to show directions.
    2. Working environment: indoor and outdoor
    3.Counting function:to increase the number of counter statistics out ; ( to be customized )
    4. Remote control: RS485 card can be accessed by computer or TCP to RS485 remote control gates ;
    5. Automatic reset function: by credit card , but not access in specific time , the gates will
    lock automatically
    6. Power off the pole: when the power cut off, the arm will fall automatically, so as to meet fire safety requirements
    7. Illegal alarm function: no credit card when forced through a pedestrian, the pedestrian
    gate alarm chance to swipe traffic.  
    8. Access memory function:  the gates have the ability to remember access cards, until the entire passage of pedestrians closing
    9. Limit the number of access functions: limit the number of access by software to meet the special circumstances of personnel management

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  • Biometric Card Reader Flap Turnstile In Malaysia

    Biometric Card Reader Flap Turnstile In Malaysia

    Flap gate is a high-tech product mainly for intelligent management of personnel passages. It is an upgraded product of intelligent turnstile gate and swing gate. The product is processed finely, with complete functions and high grade. It is mainly used in high-end residential buildings and intelligent buildings, hotels, subways, terminals, clubs and other high-end places.
    The device integrates mechanical, electronic, microprocessor control and various identification technologies into one body, which is convenient for compatibility with IC card, ID card, barcode card, fingerprint and other card recognition devices. The system equipment and the use of reliable safety protection devices, alarm devices, direction indications, etc., coordinate the intelligent control and management of the channel.

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  • Wing Metro Gate RFID Access Control Pedestrian Turnstile

    Wing Metro Gate RFID Access Control Pedestrian Turnstile

    The reasonable structure of the movement with low noise, and the operation is stable and reliable.
    With two-way card reader.
    With direction indication.
    The wing speed is adjustable to meet the requirements of different sites.
    Automatically open the gate when power off, to ensure smooth passage.
    Control mode: compatible with the card control system of different manufacturers.

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  • Optical Flap Turnstile LED Indicator Metro Station

    Optical Flap Turnstile LED Indicator Metro Station

    ◆ Flap barrier gate in a beautiful design, waterproof, moisture-proof, rust-proof and durable.
    ◆ Flap barrier gate with 1 year free warranty, lifetime maintenance.
    ◆ Flap barrier gate has fault self-test and alarm prompt function, which is easy maintain and use.
    ◆ Flap barrier gate has a passage indication and channel indication function (outdoor super high brightness).
    ◆ Flap barrier gate can automatically open gate when power off, and automatic closing function when power on which meets the fire-fighting requirements.
    ◆ Flap barrier gate has the line switching self-checking function.
    ◆ Program the operating status of the device through the small button on the main control board.
    ◆ Mechanical and infrared double anti-pinch function, when the obstacle is blocked, it will stop or rebound automatically and send out an alarm signal.
    ◆ Sound and light alarm function: including illegal intrusion and trailing alarm.
    ◆ Anti-shock function, the swing arm is automatically locked when the open signal is not received.
    ◆ Telescopic arm synchronization function.
    ◆ With automatic reset function, the system will automatically cancel the user's permission for the passage when the switch is not open within the specified time.
    ◆ Normally open and normally closed mode are adjustable, controlled by dialing code or external manual button.
    ◆ It can be connected with a variety of control devices to receive relay switch signals.
    ◆ One-way or two-way control of personnel in and out, or one-way control, reverse free passage.
    ◆ Remote control and management can be realized directly through the management computer.

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