Hydraulic Bollard

  • Parking Security Retractable Rising Lifting Bollards

    Parking Security Retractable Rising Lifting Bollards

    The lifting time is fast, and this is extremely valuable. Because it uses hydraulic drive unit, it moves softly and calmly, which solves the problem that the traditional pneumatic lifting column is noisy due to the working noise of the air pump.
    The control unit uses a multi-function logic controller that can modulate a variety of different functional modes to meet the different functional requirements of different users. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the movement stroke is an adjustable timing design, the user can freely control the lifting height of the column, and effectively save energy consumption.

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  • 304 Stainless Steel Road Safety Equipment Bollard

    304 Stainless Steel Road Safety Equipment Bollard

    The automatic Bollard is an electric-hydraulic-mechanically operated retractable bollard system.
    bollard is ideal for university campuses, pedestrian walkways, parking lots, government buildings, sports stadiums, amusement parks, airports, shopping centers, hospitals, and apartment complexes.
    1. Automatically raise/lower/stop
    2. Variable frequency controller.
    3. Firm foundation plate and anti-crash
    4. Stable and durable great power motor
    5. Speedy and Low noise

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  • 304/316 Stainless Steel Hydraulic Bollard LED Light

    304/316 Stainless Steel Hydraulic Bollard LED Light

    Product Name: Electro-hydraulic bollard
    Product material: 304 stainless steel
    Column thickness: 6MM
    Weight: around 130KG
    Cylindrical diameter: 219MM (outer cylindrical box)
    Lifting speed: ≤4S
    Passing capacity: 100-ton container truck
    Storage environment: -10 ° C - 65 ° C, waterproof / moistureproof / dustproof
    Control method: wireless remote control, wire remote control
    Operating temperature: -35 ° C + 75 ° C (suitable)
    Column outer box specifications: embedded height 900MM
    Raise height: 600MM
    Anti-collision level: K12 (equivalent to the impact of 120KG, the car is blocked, the equipment works as usual)

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  • Road Safety Automatic Hydraulic Rising Bollard

    Road Safety Automatic Hydraulic Rising Bollard

    This automatic hydraulic bollard, mainly used to control road vehicles. The equipment can be used together with the gate control system or used alone; it is specially designed and developed for the sensitive area to prevent the intrusion of non-permitted vehicles, and has high practicability, reliability and safety; the products are widely used in cities. Traffic, military and important national institutions and surrounding areas, pedestrian streets, highways, toll stations, airports, schools, banks, large clubs, parking lots and many other occasions. Through the restrictions on passing vehicles, the traffic order, that is, the safety of major facilities and places is effectively guaranteed.

    Diameter of lifting column: 168, 219, 275mm,
    Standard lifting height: 600mm (can be customized according to requirements),
    Column thickness: 6mm (can be customized according to requirements);

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