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    Parking ticket box and payment machine with parking system for parking lot

    Parking ticket box and payment machine with parking system for parking lot

    When you arrive at your destination, you can't find the parking lot. When you enter the parking lot, you have to go round and round to find a parking space.It is believed that many car owners have encountered such a disturbing scene in the parking lot.But that is now changing.The parking lot can be unattended, the huge parking lot without an administrator, the vehicle parking is still orderly.

    In the unattended parking lot, parking and charging are all intellectualized, and all charging funds are directly transferred to the management account of the parking lot, so as to avoid arbitrary charging and wrong charging.Secondly, through the recognition of license plate technology, it is possible to pass without parking, without the need for car owners to pick up the card, and without manual charges and change, which avoids the queuing congestion caused by queuing for payment at the entrance and exit of traditional parking lot, and improves the passage rate of entering and exiting.

    All these can be realized automated parking system, it is a good car parking solutions for all the parking lots.

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  • Auto Number Plate Recognition Car Parking System

    Auto Number Plate Recognition Car Parking System

    Main Features:
    1; Follow the general principles of parking lot management. One card for one car, one car with one card, enter and exit one by one.
    2; Variety of networking modes. Data and images can be transferred remotely.
    3; Installation, commissioning, maintenance and simple.
    4; Scalable the long-distance card reading function.
    5; The system has offline operation, flexible and convenient.
    6; Can be formed a card with other systems.
    7; Automatic production report, full-time statistics, universal report query.
    8; Any combination of large and small parking lots.
    9; No card extension and recharge function.
    10; Upgradeable unattended, fully automatic identification system.

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  • Automated Vehicle Parking License Plate Recognition System

    Automated Vehicle Parking License Plate Recognition System

    Custom display content
    Color font display, custom display content, can be defined to display the company name, remaining parking spaces. Time, warnings, welcome to wait for some everyday language.
    Voice broadcast
    With its own stereo broadcast voice system, it can broadcast parking time, license plate number, payment amount and so on.
    HD camera
    The use of high-definition license plate recognition camera, hardware license plate recognition instrument LED white fill light, recognition rate of up to 95% or more, the use of full-image dual-core wide dynamic CMOS and TDSP configuration scheme, peak computing power is higher.

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  • Long Range Bluetooth Card Reader Automatic Parking System

    Long Range Bluetooth Card Reader Automatic Parking System

    When long range Bluetooth card reader is installed, car ownersdo not need to stop the car to read card at long distance by non-contact way, which can improve user’sexperience effectively when they come to parking and that will improve the efficiency of the parking greatly
    A. Optical excitation, CDM, sleep/wake up, wireless communications, CPU automatic recognition and so on cutting-edge high-tech crystal
    B. Directional reading, fast reading, no car stop nor window open
    C. Anti-collision multi-card deal
    D. Wiegand 26 and RS485 output
    E. High Reading speed, card can be read in 10-40 km/h without vehicle stop
    F. Long range reading distance, 3-20 m (adjustable)
    G. Advanced CDMA communication technology is used and there is no interference tetween adjacent lanc
    H. No Car stop, no window open reading

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  • Ultrasonic Detector Car Parking Guidance System

    Ultrasonic Detector Car Parking Guidance System

    This parking lot system software is a graphical English version application developed based on Windows98 + Windows2000 platform. It uses stable and reliable large database software Microsoft SQL Server7.0 or Microsoft SQL Server2000. Friendly interface, simple operation and perfect functions. It mainly includes: login, maintenance, file, vehicle, monitoring, recording, report, exit and other modules.
    The parking lot charging system adopts advanced computer network technology, the data transmission is fast and reliable in real time, the reading speed of the car is fast, and the vehicle is in and out quickly. The system automatically calculates the parking fee based on the time the vehicle enters and exits the parking lot, and can support the charging of different charging standards for up to four categories of vehicles.

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  • RFID Bluetooth Smart Automated Car Parking System

    RFID Bluetooth Smart Automated Car Parking System

    The license plate recognition is equipped with high-brightness LED fill light, which is automatically turned on at night and the brightness is adjustable. The product uses high-definition wide dynamic CMOS and TI DSP, with peak computing capacity of up to 6.4Ghz. Based on the license plate automatic exposure control algorithm, excellent imaging, combined with ray tracing and brightness feedback control technology, real-time, intelligent adjustment of the camera's exposure, whether smooth, backlight, day or night, can capture the clearest image, superior imaging. Especially at night, the product can effectively suppress the glare and image noise of the headlights, make the license plate number clear and identifiable, and significantly improve the correct rate of license plate recognition.

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  • Automated Smart ANPR/LPR Parking Control System

    Automated Smart ANPR/LPR Parking Control System

    ALPR System Service for Parking lot Management
    Automatic identify vehicle license text and figures
    Reduce labor cost and management difficulty of parking lot system
    Improve vehicle traffic efficiency
    Ticketless/ card less parking lot management.

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  • Car Parking Management System For Parking

    Car Parking Management System For Parking

    System properties:
    The introduction system is a standard one-in-one-out simple license plate recognition parking management system, which is a community garage, office building, factory, property, etc.
    The license plate recognition system can realize the functions: it can identification license plate number and voice broadcast when enter and exit, it can broadcast license plate and expiration date for the monthly car, it can broadcast the parking time and charge amount for the temporary vehicle.
    Fully automated management of fixed vehicles, semi-automatic management of temporary vehicles, reducing vehicle transit time, gaining time and intelligent management for vehicle owners.
    1, High-definition scrolling LED electronic display prompts, it is easy for the owners and managers to control and management, avoiding charge contradiction conflicts.
    2. Reduce the workload for the staff and improve working efficiency.
    3. Ultra-high induction digital vehicle detection system, never shut down and drift.
    4. The anti-collision device can protect the vehicle to avoid damage, the boom will not fall down if the vehicle is in the induction area of the ground-sensing coil.
    5. The implementation of the dual mode of the card, can effectively solve the "one card multi-use" situation.

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  • Smart Automation Ultrasonic Sensor Parking Guidance System

    Smart Automation Ultrasonic Sensor Parking Guidance System

    Identification rate: ≥ 95% during the day; Night ≥90%
    Plate detection rate: ≥ 95% during the day; Night ≥90%
    Adaptation car: 0-150 km/h
    Best license plate Size: 100-160 horizontal pixel points

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