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  • Automatic Sliding Gate Opener

    Automatic Sliding Gate Opener

    1. Guide mechanism: adopting independent research and development of the deviation and guiding mechanism, through the sliding guide of the upper and lower beam pulleys, the track can be guided without track, and the sliding is smoother; 2. Towline protection: The wire tow chain adopts special reinforcement engineering plastics, and the sliding groove is equipped with a special cover plate to prevent rain, snow and dust, and is not easy to break; 3. Emergency stop function: In the running state, in case of emergency, the power can be cut off quickly through the emergency stop switch to achieve emergency stop and ensure safety; 4. Overload protection: When the motor temperature reaches 120 °C or the running reaches the set time, the motor will stop working and protect the service life of the motor; 5. Manual clutch: The door body is equipped with a manual clutch device. When the power is cut or repaired, the clutch handle can be opened, and then the door is manually pushed and pulled; 6. Self-locking anti-theft: The door body is in the stopped state, and the door body is self-locking through the turbine vortex rod mechanism of the reduction gear box, and the external force cannot be pushed open.

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  • Fingerprint Rfid Card Reader Security Swing Turnstile

    Fingerprint Rfid Card Reader Security Swing Turnstile

    Technical Parameters Chassis material: #304 stainless steel Working voltage: AC220±10%V 50±10%HZ 100W Drive motor: servo motor Dimensions: 1550 length * 160 width * 1000 height (MM) Swing arm length: 230MM-550MM Channel width: 500MM-1200MM Direction of travel: one-way or two-way (can be set) Working environment: indoor, outdoor (shade) -10 ° C ~ 50 ° C Relative humidity: ≤ 90%, no condensation Gate opening and closing time: 1 second Passing speed: 25-30 people / minute (normally closed) 40 people / minute (normally open) Time required to enter the traffic state after power-on: 3 seconds Swing arm material: stainless steel swing arm / optional tempered glass swing arm and acrylic swing arm Normal service life: more than 5 million times Communication interface: standard RS485 interface, distance ≤1200 meters Input interface: relay switch signal or 12V level signal or 12V pulse signal with pulse width >100ms, drive current >10mA

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