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  • Auto Number Plate Recognition Car Parking System

    Auto Number Plate Recognition Car Parking System

    Main Features: 1; Follow the general principles of parking lot management. One card for one car, one car with one card, enter and exit one by one. 2; Variety of networking modes. Data and images can be transferred remotely. 3; Installation, commissioning, maintenance and simple. 4; Scalable the long-distance card reading function. 5; The system has offline operation, flexible and convenient. 6; Can be formed a card with other systems. 7; Automatic production report, full-time statistics, universal report query. 8; Any combination of large and small parking lots. 9; No card extension and recharge function. 10; Upgradeable unattended, fully automatic identification system.

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  • Automated Vehicle Parking License Plate Recognition System

    Automated Vehicle Parking License Plate Recognition System

    Custom display content Color font display, custom display content, can be defined to display the company name, remaining parking spaces. Time, warnings, welcome to wait for some everyday language. Voice broadcast With its own stereo broadcast voice system, it can broadcast parking time, license plate number, payment amount and so on. HD camera The use of high-definition license plate recognition camera, hardware license plate recognition instrument LED white fill light, recognition rate of up to 95% or more, the use of full-image dual-core wide dynamic CMOS and TDSP configuration scheme, peak computing power is higher.

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  • Intelligent Car Parking System SDK Software

    Intelligent Car Parking System SDK Software

    Basic features: IC, ID card reading time 0.2s; Reading and writing distance IC: 5-10cm; ID: 20-30cm communication mode: RS-485, CAN bus offline storage capacity: 100000 Power down storage time: 10 years Data transmission speed: 9600bit/s Function configuration: intercom, voice, Chinese display, Ticket chassis size: Length 455mm x Width 276mm x Height 1420mm Material: metal, Curved non-metal voltage: AC220 10%, 50Hz Temperature: -40 ° C - +70 °C Humidity: 95% non-condensing

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